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International Short Story Day

Today is the summer equinox, and also International Short Story Day. On the shortest night of the year (or day, for those of you down under), we’re celebrating short stories. And the best part? You can read my vampire romance short story for free (CLICK HERE).

As a writer, I find short stories very challenging, especially if they are not related to an existing novel. Starting a new story, defining the world it takes place in, and introducing new characters in a short story format can be challenging! I have to stick to the KISS mantra (Keep It Simple Stupid) – which makes it a great writing exercise.

As a reader, a short story is a great way to escape into prose without committing hours and hours. I’m the type who can’t put a book down once I start it, so short stories are like snack bags of chips vs. the big bag. A short story satisfies my craving without stealing me away from real life for too long.

What do you think? Do you read short stories? Like them? Dislike them?

For more short story fun, be sure and check out our short story blog hop! Find stories and authors to check out by clicking on the photo:



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Time’s Running Out

GUYS:  VALENTINE’S DAY IS MONDAY.  Shop now or you’ll be stuck in line at the market on Monday with a tired clump of $50 roses and a lame card. (Okay,you too, Girls!)

GIRLS: VALENTINE’S DAY IS MONDAY…the last day of the Lookin’ for Love Web Hunt! (Yes, guys can enter too! :-))

Lookin' for Love contestWhether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a quiet night at home, who wouldn’t like to win a whole library of sexy ebooks?  Click on the banner to go to the entry form and the list of authors who have conversations hearts hidden somewhere on their websites.  Fill in the saying on each one, and you’re entered!  There’s a ton of other prizes too, so if you love to read romance, take a look around and find those hearts!

Latest Winner of Whirlwind: Megan Q

Congrats to Megan Q, the winner of an autographed copy of Whirlwind for her comments over on Coffee Time Romance last Monday.  Your book is on its way!

Did you miss that opportunity?  Check out Once Upon A Twilight on Monday for another chance.  An autographed copy of Whirlwind is just one of the great prizes during the Books With Love Hop, February 14-16.  Watch for my guest post, coming soon.

Valentine's Day

Image via Wikipedia

Till then, I think I have some shopping to do…


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Books with Love Hop

Sweethearts candy

February 14th is coming fast

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is less than a month away?

The holiday commemorating love here in the US doesn’t seem to get quite the attention that Christmas does – I didn’t see a lot of red hearts and cupid decorations in the store two months ago.  Maybe I missed them?

Since I’m all about celebrating love and romance, I’ve signed up to give away an autographed copy of Whirlwind through the Books with Love blog hop.  Sites all over the blog-o-sphere will be linking together in February with recommendations, giveaways, interviews, and author appearances, all featuring books with love. As part of the festivities, I’ll be appearing as a guest blogger on onceuponatwilight’s blog , and you will be able to enter the giveaway there starting on the first day of the hop, February 14th.  Be sure and keep an eye out for the lovely Books with Love logo (up on the right) where ever you go in internet-land until then.

And start dropping hints to your significant other now about flowers and chocolate. Right, dear husband? *wink wink*

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An Excerpt and a Break

If your holiday season is as crazy as mine is, you’d probably like a break right about now. How about a small taste of Whirlwind? It’s coming in just 12 days!

Melissa Williams isn’t really looking forward to her best friend’s wedding, especially since she’s alone. What she isn’t prepared for is the effect one particular groomsman has on her:

Marching with new purpose toward the ribbons and balloons, I was halfway across the asphalt when two tuxedo-clad men stepped out of the shadows near the foot of the stairs.

Groomsmen Hands

Image by searching4jphotography via Flickr

One I recognized. At six-and-a-half feet tall with straight blond hair that constantly hung in his eyes, Chase Linwood was hard to miss. He said something I couldn’t make out, pointed at his collar, then lifted his chin.

His companion, several inches shorter, turned his back to me and went to work on Chase’s tie. His identity was a mystery. Slowing my approach, I tried to paste on the appropriate I’m-so-happy-for-the-bride-and-groom face.Held up by another passing car, I inspected Chase’s friend. Not a strand of his thick, wavy brown hair was out of place, and the tailored fit of his suit coat emphasized his broad shoulders and trim waist. The jacket didn’t have tails, but it was long enough to prevent me from checking out his ass. Beth was right: this guy was hot…and way out of my league.

I waved another car by. I wasn’t in a hurry to make a fool of myself in front of Mr. Sexy-From-the-Back. I had to pace myself.

During this crazy time of year, I think we all could use a little “Mr. Sexy-From-the-Back”! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for an autographed copy of Whirlwind.

How’s you’re holiday season coming? Mine IS crazy–which I expected–but I checked off one huge event last night: my son’s band concert and fundraiser.  The band hosts a clam chowder feed for 150 people to raise money for competitions later in the year, and I volunteered to coordinate the event…in December…between my daughter’s birthday, a family reunion, and, oh yeah–Christmas!

The Fish Market

Thanks to Justin and Whitney at the Fish Market for their help!

Luckily, the chowder feed came off without a hitch (at least any BIG hitches), thanks in large part to the many parents, grandparents, and kids who helped out.  Because of their hard efforts and a huge donation of the best-tasting chowder in town by The Fish Market, we made almost $800 in a couple hours.  And now I’m due for a break!

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK #2: Take a few extra minutes and take your next shower by candle light.  I’d recommend doing it in the evening, after work and after the kids are in bed. Just a few minutes of steam and candles and quiet can do a lot to rejuvenate a person.  And if that special someone happens to join you…well, happy holidays to you both!


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