Books with Love Hop

Sweethearts candy

February 14th is coming fast

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is less than a month away?

The holiday commemorating love here in the US doesn’t seem to get quite the attention that Christmas does – I didn’t see a lot of red hearts and cupid decorations in the store two months ago.  Maybe I missed them?

Since I’m all about celebrating love and romance, I’ve signed up to give away an autographed copy of Whirlwind through the Books with Love blog hop.  Sites all over the blog-o-sphere will be linking together in February with recommendations, giveaways, interviews, and author appearances, all featuring books with love. As part of the festivities, I’ll be appearing as a guest blogger on onceuponatwilight’s blog , and you will be able to enter the giveaway there starting on the first day of the hop, February 14th.  Be sure and keep an eye out for the lovely Books with Love logo (up on the right) where ever you go in internet-land until then.

And start dropping hints to your significant other now about flowers and chocolate. Right, dear husband? *wink wink*

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