Review of The Romanov Prophecy

The Romanov ProphecyThe Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A suspense with a Dan Brown feel, The Romanov Prophecy delves into the long-standing legend that one or more of the Russian royal family survived brutal execution in the early 20th century. Even if you’re not familiar with Russian history, names like Anastasia and Rasputin should tickle your memory.

Caught between corruption, the mafia, the military, and a prophetic destiny, Miles Lord’s story starts with a running shootout and doesn’t end until the last page. Sorting out who’s good and who’s bad is enough to hold the reader from the beginning, then the compelling, if modified, history of the Romanovs keeps the pages turning.

I haven’t read many books with a male African American protagonist, and I enjoyed that twist. There was a little chemistry between Lord and the female lead, but this isn’t a romance novel, so nothing came of it. Maybe it’s just me, but my belief was stretched a little thin by the amount of trust Lord put in one person, and the fact that several times the question was asked “how exactly did you find me?” but the flimsy answer was always accepted. It was a little distraction, and what pulled this review down a star.

I’ll definitely read more Steve Berry.

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