Summer 2011

Whirlwind is going on tour!
Starting Monday, June 6th, Whirlwind will be taking the internet by storm. Like a band touring the country, Whirlwind will be the topic of conversation on sites all over the web. Each day brings a new tour stop and a new giveaway. Read reviews, outtakes, interviews, and guest posts on a variety of topics. Check out all the great blogs where Whirlwind will be featured:

Tour Stops
Monday, June 6:
The Unread Reader/ Kickoff Interview with author Robin DeJarnett and Whirlwind excerpt, plus eBook giveaway.

Tuesday, June 7:
Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog’s/ Review and paperback giveaway.

Wednesday, June 8:
A Trail of Books Left Behind/ Whirlwind outtakes and eBook giveaway.

Thursday, June 9:
For What It’s Worth/ Review and paperback giveaway.

Friday, June 10:
Books and Things/ Review and eBook giveaway.

Monday, June 13:
A Tale of Many Reviews/ Interview with Whirlwind heartthrob Jason McAlister and paperback giveaway.

Tuesday, June 14:
The Bookish Brunette
/ Review and paperback giveaway.

Wednesday, June 15:
Supernatural Snark/ paranormal vs. contemporary romance guest post from Robin DeJarnett and paperback giveaway.

Thursday, June 16:
My Love Affair with Books
/ See the settings in Whirlwind and eBook giveaway.

Friday, June 17 (Double Stop Giveaway Day):
Happily Ever After/ Staying contemporary guest post from Robin DeJarnett and paperback giveaway.
Cheeky Reads/ Review and eBook giveaway.

And then we celebrate the end of the tour on June 18 (eBook Giveaway):
LIVE Chat with Whirlwind author Robin DeJarnett, plus eBook giveaway!
CLICK HERE for the chat.
(I highly recommend you create a free account on TalkShoe for the best experience. You may also need to temporarily disable your popup blocker.)

I hope to see you on the tour!

Fighting Cancer with Sizzle!

I’m very happy to announce the release date of Omnific Publishing’s Summer Lovin’ Anthologies benefiting Save the Ta-tas. Omnific and all the participating authors are donating their profits to the organization, fighting to stop breast cancer in its tracks. There will be two books: Summer Breeze, containing sweet romance for the teen or Young Adult Fiction lover; and Heat Wave, full of hot lovin’ to match a hot summer’s night. My short story, Concessions, will be in the Heat Wave edition, and is my first published paranormal story. Here’s a little taste:

Lindsey Colton leads a lonely life running the concession stand at a Las Vegas movie theater. When a dark, mysterious man ducks in one afternoon, Lindsey is introduced to a new world: one of vampires, princes, and fiery sex. Her seductive lover, Devon, has grand plans to steal her away, but only if she is willing to give up her humanity, and he is willing to give up his future as king. Lindsey is more than eager to start anew with her immortal love…but the concessions Devon has to make could cost Lindsey her life.

These limited editions will only be AVAILABLE JULY 5th-SEPTEMBER 30th from Omnific Publishing. in both print and electronic formats. Got a Kindle or Nook? You can purchase these and all Omnific’s products directly from your device.

For Readers: Track your Reading with Goodreads

Have you ever started a book, and thought, “I think I’ve read this before.” Or maybe you’d like to discuss a book you read, but don’t know anyone else who’s started it? Surprise, surprise, there’s a site for that! (And an app, too, I’m sure). Actually, there’s several (including Shelfari and LibraryThing, among others), but I’d recommend my favorite,

What is goodreads? From their “About Us” page:

Goodreads is the largest social network for readers in the world. We have more than 5,100,000 members who have added more than 150,000,000 books to their shelves. A place for casual readers and bona-fide bookworms alike, Goodreads members recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they’ve read and would like to read, form book clubs and much more. Goodreads was launched in December 2006.

For me, Goodreads is a place to record what I’ve read and what I’m reading. It encourages me to read (the progress tracker reminds me I haven’t finished that last book yet), and let’s me store a list of the books I have read. The interface is very easy to use, and includes cover graphics, summaries, and even ISBN numbers of the books listed in its database.

For those who are socially inclined, there are also forums, book clubs, reading challenges, and giveaways. Want to tell everyone how you loved a book? Give it a five star review, and people will notice. Not sure if you really want to read a book? Check out other people’s reviews first. Have a copy of a book you’d like to swap for something else? They have a tool for that too.

And readers aren’t the only people you’ll find on Goodreads. Many authors have accounts too, and post their own reviews and discussions. But that’s the great part of Goodreads: you can choose exactly how much time you want to invest. You don’t have to post a status every five minutes, or even explain why you liked or didn’t like a book. But you have that option, should you want to.

Whether you read a book in a few hours or a few months, I’d recommend taking a look at Goodreads. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Summer Recipe: Gene’s Salmon Rub

My version of this recipe has a little bit more pepper and the option of smoked paprika, if you can find it. We always grill the salmon on a cedar plank for even more flavor. You can find the planks at a barbecue store or sometimes at Costco. There won’t be any left overs, so make plenty!

1¼ C   brown sugar
1½ T   Sweet Hungarian paprika
1 T      Smoked or regular paprika
1 t       salt
¾ t      black pepper
1 t       white pepper
1 T      crushed thyme

Makes nearly 2 C of rub, enough for a couple meals, at least. Lightly rub salmon filets with olive oil, then coat liberally with Gene’s Salmon Rub and grill (on a cedar plank), fry, or bake (skin side down, if it’s still attached).