About Robin

Photo by Sarah Huchel

A mom of two and wife of one, Robin didn’t start out thinking she’d be a writer.  A bit of a tomboy growing up, it was science and math that kept her busy through most of her life.  What no one told her was writing is just as important in those disciplines!  While she enjoyed the challenges that engineering and computers gave her, she found herself drawn to more and more creative activities – training, team building, and of all things, documentation development.  That was the fun stuff – who knew it could get even better?

With a growing family, she left the corporate world and concentrated on motherhood.  After a short stint in direct sales, she rediscovered her love of reading.  (The fact her kids started school and gave her time to read probably helped!)  Her bookshelves are filled with paranormal YA and romance stories – she’s been bitten (like so many others) by the vampire bug.  But it was the romance side that she connected with when she started writing.

Whirlwind came about initially as a bet – could Robin write a steamy love scene?  All her previous writing had been PG-13 – just reading romance novels made her blush, how could she write one?  In her attempt to ‘work up’ to the big scene, she ended up fleshing out the main characters, Jason and Melissa, and finding there was much more to the story than just sex.  Hence, Whirlwind was born.

Robin continues to write from her home in San Jose, California.  She volunteers at her kids’ schools and is an official ‘band mom.’  She loves to travel, both with and without her family, and uses her experiences to make her stories as realistic as possible.  Her vices include Sudoku (on her laptop) and chocolate.