The Romance ReviewThe Romance Reviews gives Whirlwind 4 stars:

“I loved the duality of Melissa as her “naughty” side was awakened by Jason McAlister, the best man and brother of the groom. I was actually giggling when Jason was asking for “naughty Melissa” to come out or not to come out to play. Jason is sweet, charming and handsome, but thank goodness some flaws were found as all too perfect doesn’t cut it.” – Laura at The Romance Reviews


4 Stilettos from The Bookish Brunette!

“Mel is an awesome character…she is sarcastic, funny, snarky- all my favorite things dude! Her ‘thought process’ is nothing short of hilarious, (she thinks to herself…)

Yeah, keep up the excuses. Your nose is rivaling Pinocchio’s

A delightfully quick and entertaining read- Whirlwind describes itself perfectly with it’s title! ” – The Bookish Brunette


5 Stars from the SlinkyMink Booklover!

“The main characters were so real and beautifully created that I completely fell in love with them. I appreciated all the twists and turns of the plot as well as the mystery case Melissa and Jason had to face which, in my opinion, gave the story an additional charm. This book gave me much more than I thought and it always pleases me when a story exceeds all my expectations.” – The SlinkyMink Booklover


3 out of 4 from For What It’s Worth:

“DeJarnett blends the two story lines [murder and romance] nicely giving an excuse to keep Jason and Melissa together past the wedding. Jason will do his level best to make sure she is safe. Even though they get together fairly quickly Melissa still has those pesky emotional barriers I told you about to overcome so it keeps that tension going on that front.” – Karen at For What It’s Worth


The Geeky Blogger reviews Whirlwind:

“Jason to me was everything a leading man is supposed to be: hot, smart, loving, and immediately attracted to Melissa. The romantic date that he takes her on is one right out of a dream sequence. The fact that he “got” Melissa was also one of the other enduring things about him. He didn’t try to change her just understand her. Those kind of men make me swoon!” – Felicia at The Geeky Blogger


Books and Things reviews Whirlwind:

“This book is a sweet contemporary romance with a bit of action thrown in for good measure. Melissa is a interesting character. In some ways quite strong, in others quite fragile…I also should mention that throughout the book there is a looming dark figure we know as “Ron” who decides that Melissa should be his next victim. His twisted brain make for a good villain and there is a scene that is quite heart pumping. Hopefully our couple survives it, since you know I’m not telling. Wait for it… *evil laugh*” – Melissa at Books and Things


Cheeky Reads reviews Whirlwind:

“What I enjoyed most about this book was the relationship between Melissa and her friends, as well as the one with Jason. I felt like Melissa’s inner monologue about her friendship with Mitch and her insecurities were nicely done and appreciated some well done, but not over the top, sexy scenes!” – CheekyGirl at Cheeky Reads


4 Stars from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

“The real magic of Whirlwind is that Robin DeJarnett manages to convey love-at-first-sight in such a way that it truly works, is believable. Than she backs it up by giving the characters a shared past of somewhat knowing each other by exchanging emails. And Jason and Melissa work so well together, Whirlwind ends up charming and leaving us with a smile.” – Vicky at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

4 Stars from Bookish!

“Caution!!! Hotness Warning! Whirlwind is a steaming hot and amazingly sensual Romantic Mystery debut novel by talented new writer, Robin DeJarnett. This spicy, deliciously sexy, intriguing story will definitely make your cheeks burn!” – Evie at Bookish

Once Upon a Twilight4 Stars from Once upon a Twilight!

“Robin DeJarnett did a wonderful job with this book.  She was able to incorporate romance with a murder mystery.  How great it that? I fell in love with all the characters especially Jason – what a hottie!!  He is every woman’s dream man.  He was romantic, caring and great in the sleeping bag.” – Ana, Once upon a Twilight

A Trail of Books Left Behind
“Whirlwind was definitely just that, a whirlwind of romance and suspense, leaving the readers wanting more! …I loved Robin’s writing style. Everything was just down to earth and fun, including the characters. She really got you into Melissa’s head; when she was embarrassed, so were you. I loved that.” – Megan, A Trail of Books Left Behind
FULL REVIEW“A” rating from!

“I enjoy the random romance book but was really intrigued by the murder mystery that was intertwined in the story. And just from the synopsis, I felt like I could relate to Melissa (cynic on love but hopeless romantic).  I ended up falling in love with Melissa and Jason and their relationship. Melissa is independent, realistic, and has a tough past. Jason is sexy, charming, and oh yeah sexy. As soon as they lay eyes on each other it’s love at first sight and I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes at the encounter, instead the hopeless romantic in me was swooning.” – Britney,

A Tale of Many Reviews“Whirlwind is a big recommend from me for adult readers who like romance with an actual plot…I love the feel of throwing caution to the wind and wish I would have done more of that when I was younger myself. I lived a little through the main character’s development….The suspense/thriller aspect that adds the tension and conflict to the book. It was creepy, but not so much creep going on that you don’t enjoy the story of two people discovering each other…” – Julie, A Tale of Many Reviews

“I could see all the places in story and felt like I got to know all the characters in the story. I was rooting for the Happy Ending.” – Julie, My 5 Monkeys

What Readers are Saying

“I absolutely fell in love with this book, consuming it at every moment of free time possible (in the car while in traffic, at the doctors, even at work…sssh! don’t tell on me)!” – Val on Goodreads

“Melissa and Jason are thoroughly enjoyable characters whose attraction for each other sizzles off the page. I was drawn into their connection from the moment they met, and found myself lost in their love story.” – Lisa Sanchez, author of Eve of Samhain

“The writing is fun, flirty and not full of clichés nor overly sexed or overly dramatic/sappy words. The intimate parts were fantastically steamy and not full of the ‘typical’ sex talk… I almost bit my lip off trying to keep quiet at 3 am when they were together in the hotel. I was giggling like crazy and couldn’t stop reading.” – Iris Fox on Amazon

“’Whirlwind’ invokes for the reader a reminder of the intensity of new love. Coupled with the newly minted couple trying to outrun a killer, ‘Whirlwind’ keeps the reader breathless, both from the chemisty between Melissa and Jason and the suspense of seeing how they get out of the path of a murderer.” – Killian McRae, author of 12.21.12

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Originally published in the limited edition Summer Lovin’ Anthology: Heat Wave ISBN: 978-1-936305-80-3, it’s temporarily out of print.

Miss Mandy Reads gives the Summer Lovin’ Anthology:Heat Wave and Concessions 4 stars:

“Oh oh oh! I so loved this one! It’s a different twist on vampires, all taking place in a movie theater. Who knew vamps loved to go to the movies?? … Concessions is a little magical, a little exciting and mysterious… and lots of awesome.” – Mandy at Miss Mandy Reads