Now available are two outtakes from my debut novel, Whirlwind. Both outtakes take place years before the beginning of Whirlwind and detail the backstory between Melissa Williams and Mitch McAlister (Jason’s big brother).

Meeting Mitch shows how freshman Melissa first ran into the man who would become her best friend. Get ready for horses, cowboys, and…road apples? This leads into the story Beth tells in Chapter 3 of Whirlwind, which ends with Melissa’s knee in Mitch’s crotch.

The Apology is the aftermath of Melissa and Mitch’s misunderstanding. Melissa makes an enemy of the sports editor, a friend in Linda, and a gift of frozen peas.

In addition to the outtakes, a few other extras are available around the web:

Interview with Jason McAlister – A Tale of Many Reviews interviewed Jason after Whirlwind’s release. Julie asked him some pretty pointed questions.