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Handsome Villains

Is Rik Young too handsome to be a villain? (photo from IMDB)

I don’t know about you, but I love an evil villain. Someone who’s conniving, creepy, and just plain mean – you know, the break-in-and-kill-the-family-pet-for-fun kind of evil.

My question for you today: is this guy, who’s so bad on the inside, good looking on the outside? Do you like your villains sexy?

And a follow up question for you: Is a handsome killer more creepy than a plain or ugly one?

Thank you to the handsome Rik Young for being my example today. He has the most dreamy British accent, by the way.

Author! Author! Blog Bounce

Click here to check out the Blog Bounce

It’s Thursday, and that mean’s it’s time to bounce!

What’s the Author! Author! Blog Bounce?? Well, it’s a fun way for readers to find new authors and for authors to connect with their readers!

All you have to do is click on the picture!


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Photo Friday: Chipping Away

Wall of IceThis is the Marjerie Glacier, located in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. The face is about 250′ high (over 75m), and is constantly crumbling away as the river of ice pushes down from the ice field above. It’s breathtaking.

And intimidating. Like writing can be.

I’ve been working on the sequel to my first book, and some days, it feels like the screen in front of me is this advancing wall – and all I have is an ice pick. I know the story I want to write, but knowing it and getting it down are two different things. And the wall pushes toward me with other distractions. Email, Twitter, Facebook, and my blog all have legitimate claims on my time, but they also try and hijack it all. As soon as I chip away one, another pushes toward me with more.

It sounds depressing, but on the other hand, I have help. My critique partner may use a whip, rather than a jack hammer, but having someone to force me to focus on writing, and specific issues in my story is invaluable. Today I’m meeting up with another writer for a writing blitz – a no-talking, no-texting, no-internet get together to just write. Oh, did I mention no kids?

Margarita cocktail

Image via Wikipedia

So I continue to chip away. And if things go well today, the only ice I’ll face will be in a margarita!

Happy Friday!

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Read the Romance, Save the Ta-tas

Mark your calendar – the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies are coming July 5th!

Check it out!

The Summer Lovin’ Anthologies are Omnific Publishing‘s way of sharing the love and giving back. Two volumes, thirteen stories, and a whole lot of romance will give readers lots to do this summer – and all proceeds will be donated to the Save the Ta-tas Foundation.

Do you like stories with walks on the beach, flowers, and sweet romance? Then the Summer Lovin’ Anthology: Summer Breeze is for you. Would you rather read about hot, sexy love that pushes the envelope? The Summer Lovin’ Anthology:Heat Wave will definitely light your fire. Or, try both, and get a sampling from a dozen authors.

My story, Concessions, will be featured in the Heat Wave edition:

Lindsey Colton leads a lonely life running the concession stand at a Las Vegas movie theater. When a dark, mysterious man ducks in one afternoon, Lindsey is introduced to a new world: one of vampires, princes, and fiery sex. Her seductive lover, Devon, has grand plans to steal her away, but only if she is willing to give up her humanity and he is willing to give up his future as king. Lindsey is more than eager to start anew with her immortal love…but the concessions Devon has to make could cost Lindsey her life.

No matter which you read, both of the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies pack a punch – as far as cancer is concerned. Save the Ta-tas funds research to fight the deadly disease. By purchasing one or both of the Anthologies, you’re joining that fight.

The anthologies will only be available for a very limited time, so set a reminder for July 5th to order yours, and kick cancer where it hurts!

Meet an Author Monday is Moving

Lisa Sanchez, the genius behind Meet an Author Monday, is celebrating her writing success and relocating the blog hop to her author website, http://www.lisasanchezromanceauthor.com. To celebrate, she’s hosting a month of guest bloggers as part of her Sizzlin’ Summer Author Extravaganza. I’ll be visiting her blog on July 8th to talk about the wonderful lady I’m dedicating my contribution to the Summer Lovin’ Anthology to.

Check out what other authors are chatting about today. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, there’s a lot of great stories out there!

Meet an Author Monday

Click here for the Author hop


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Books and Things Reviews Whirlwind

Today’s tour stop is at Books and Things. Melissa reviews Whirlwind and talks about her namesake:

“This book is a sweet contemporary romance with a bit of action thrown in for good measure. Melissa is a interesting character. In some ways quite strong, in others quite fragile. She can hold her own with the boys but does not think she is dating material, since none of the “boys” have ever asked her out. However, when she meets Jason, her best friend’s brother, that view comes into question. Jason is smexy, sweet, and very romantic. Although they had fun on-line for a brief moment, it takes Melissa a while to figure out she is Jason’s match. In fact she is so worried about the ending of the relationship, she almost ruins the present.”

Can you relate to a woman who considers herself one of the guys? Comment on the post at Books and Things, and you could win an autographed copy of Whirlwind.

CLICK HERE to see Melissa’s full review and to enter to win

The tour and giveaways continue! Monday’s stop is at A Tale of Many Reviews. Have a great weekend!

Previous Blog Tour stops (Many giveaways are still open):

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The Geeky Blogger Reviews Whirlwind

Check out the Geeky Blogger's review of Whirlwind

Today’s tour stop is at the Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog.

Felicia says, “This was a quick, light read with a sweet romance. Don’t get me wrong the smexy scenes were hot but I thought the connection between Jason and Melissa was sweet. You could easily read this on a lazy summer afternoon.” She encourages readers to “Check It Out.”

The Geeky Blogger is also giving away an autographed print edition of Whirlwind to one lucky winner who answers the question: What is your dream date?

CLICK HERE to enter and read Felicia’s entire review

Did you see the excerpt from Whirlwind on the Unread Reader yesterday? Up tomorrow: A video tour of Whirlwind at  A Trail of Books Left Behind

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