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Photo Friday: The Forest for the Trees

Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree National Park

This is one of the most unusual forests I’ve ever visited. Though named “trees” the Joshua tree is more like a cactus. It’s related to the agave, but I don’t think you can get tequila from this bizarre plant.

What’s even more crazy is that this area, the Mojave Desert, is only about a hundred miles from the beaches where Baywatch was filmed (you remember Baywatch, right?). From endless water to arid desert on one short drive.

I could talk about how this picture inspires my writing, or symbolizes the “dry” times when creativity hides. But I’d rather hear from you! What does this photo stir in you? Writing ideas? Travel ideas? Thirst?

Happy Friday!


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Photo Friday: Chipping Away

Wall of IceThis is the Marjerie Glacier, located in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. The face is about 250′ high (over 75m), and is constantly crumbling away as the river of ice pushes down from the ice field above. It’s breathtaking.

And intimidating. Like writing can be.

I’ve been working on the sequel to my first book, and some days, it feels like the screen in front of me is this advancing wall – and all I have is an ice pick. I know the story I want to write, but knowing it and getting it down are two different things. And the wall pushes toward me with other distractions. Email, Twitter, Facebook, and my blog all have legitimate claims on my time, but they also try and hijack it all. As soon as I chip away one, another pushes toward me with more.

It sounds depressing, but on the other hand, I have help. My critique partner may use a whip, rather than a jack hammer, but having someone to force me to focus on writing, and specific issues in my story is invaluable. Today I’m meeting up with another writer for a writing blitz – a no-talking, no-texting, no-internet get together to just write. Oh, did I mention no kids?

Margarita cocktail

Image via Wikipedia

So I continue to chip away. And if things go well today, the only ice I’ll face will be in a margarita!

Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday: Happy Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, celebrating the creation of Canada under the Constitution Act of 1867 (yes, I looked it up on Wikipedia).

Art in downtown Toronto -a very cool city

Happy Birthday to our friends to the north!

And Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday: Wherever You Go, There You Are

You might remember, last week I posted a photo tour of my book, Whirlwind, at My Love Affair With Books. One picture I didn’t include is a shot of one of the dorms on the Cal Poly campus (the inspiration for Santa Lucia Polythechnic):

A Red Brick Dorm

The funny thing? This ISN’T Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo! This dorm, identical to the ones at the center of Cal Poly’s campus, is found on the San Jose State campus. And I’ve seen the same buildings on the Pomona campus as well.

Do you live near a college campus? Do you have buildings like these? I wonder how many of them there are out there…

BTW, the title of this post is a quote from an old movie. 5 points if you know which one! Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday: The Golden State

Today’s photo is a blast from way past, and a preview of my upcoming blog tour:

Cal Poly, the inspiration for Santa Lucia Polytechnic in Whirlwind

Located on the Central Coast of California, Cal Poly is on the edge of the city, San Luis Obispo. This photo was taken a LONG time ago (1988), and the campus has grown a lot since then. One thing that hasn’t changed is the brown hills. This is the color of most of California in the summer and fall.

If you look close, you can see the white “P” on the hillside (for Poly). On the left side is the “back forty.” Whirlwind fans will remember what happened out there…

Be sure and check out the Whirlwind Blog Tour, starting June 6th, for even more photos, outtakes, an interview with hero Jason McAlister, and other goodies! The tour runs through June 17th, followed by a live chat with me on the 18th. Hosted by the fantastic Missie of The Unread Reader!

Whirlwind Blog Tour

Time’s Running Out

Only a few days left to enter to win a box of books from me! Which would you choose?

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