Photo Friday: The Forest for the Trees

Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree National Park

This is one of the most unusual forests I’ve ever visited. Though named “trees” the Joshua tree is more like a cactus. It’s related to the agave, but I don’t think you can get tequila from this bizarre plant.

What’s even more crazy is that this area, the Mojave Desert, is only about a hundred miles from the beaches where Baywatch was filmed (you remember Baywatch, right?). From endless water to arid desert on one short drive.

I could talk about how this picture inspires my writing, or symbolizes the “dry” times when creativity hides. But I’d rather hear from you! What does this photo stir in you? Writing ideas? Travel ideas? Thirst?

Happy Friday!


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3 responses to “Photo Friday: The Forest for the Trees

  1. Robin DeJarnett

    I’m originally from Arizona! I also miss it sometimes – but it’s changed a lot since I lived there (near Phoenix). What I miss most ist the electrical storms. We rarely have lightning here, and if we do it’s cloud to cloud. We do have the ocean, which has always been the visual definition of infinity for me, but lightning is just raw, awesome power.

    I’m not sure I miss the static electricity, though – I remember getting shocked on EVERYTHING when we lived there!

  2. Lolawid

    Joshua trees inspire homesickness in me. They are all over Arizona, which is where we want to move. I love the colors and feeling of the desert. Thanks for your post and all the reminders that this picture brings!!

  3. My first thought when I look at this photo is a long, unknown journey. I also think, with the crooked branches of the Joshua trees, settings of new planets or netherworlds. It also makes me wonder what history this land holds. Who has traveled through this desert? What creatures have lived here? Over the years, how has this landscape shifted and changed?
    This is a wonderful post! Great writing inspiration! Oh, and yes, I’m suddenly thirsty as well! 😉

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