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International Short Story Day

Today is the summer equinox, and also International Short Story Day. On the shortest night of the year (or day, for those of you down under), we’re celebrating short stories. And the best part? You can read my vampire romance short story for free (CLICK HERE).

As a writer, I find short stories very challenging, especially if they are not related to an existing novel. Starting a new story, defining the world it takes place in, and introducing new characters in a short story format can be challenging! I have to stick to the KISS mantra (Keep It Simple Stupid) – which makes it a great writing exercise.

As a reader, a short story is a great way to escape into prose without committing hours and hours. I’m the type who can’t put a book down once I start it, so short stories are like snack bags of chips vs. the big bag. A short story satisfies my craving without stealing me away from real life for too long.

What do you think? Do you read short stories? Like them? Dislike them?

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