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I Love L.A.!

This is my theme song for this week:

As you’ve probably heard, the RT Booklovers Convention is this week in L.A. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time! I’ve signed up for a ton of workshops – everything from “Romancing the Killer Instinct” to “5 Times a Night? Really?” I can’t wait to meet readers, other new authors, as well as some of the big names from the NY Times Bestseller list. As both an author and a reader, I’ll be pulled in many directions.

Besides all the great information and networking, a conference like RT is all about the goodies! I’ll be looking for new ideas for bling and swag (bookmarks, key chains, trading cards, gadgets, and the like) as well as free books, both to read and pass along.

I’ll also be giving away some goodies of my own at the Indy Expo on Friday, and you’ll even have the chance to win a Kobo e-reader (Remember my post last week?).  Independent authors and publishers from all over will be available to sign books and visit from 4-6pm at the Westin Bonaventura. The public is also welcome (for a small $5 entrance fee). I’m really looking forward to meeting readers, so if you’re in town, please stop by!


But, before all the fun, I have to get my bags packed.  Maybe a better theme song for today would be:

Meet an Author Monday

Whether your a reader or a writer, there’s a lot of great information and fun on the Hop. Check it out!

Meet an Author Monday

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Read an Ebook Week

Light and shadow on an Irex iLiad ebook reader...

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Whether you have an ereader filled to the brim or are a staunch ink and paper fan, Read an Ebook Week is a milestone not to be missed.

According to readanebookweek.com, ebooks have been around for 40 years! From simple text files read on a green screen to fancy new multimedia books including video and sound, ebooks have come a long way.

I’ve often said that I believe paper and ink books will be around a very, very long time, but that doesn’t mean that ebooks don’t deserve a look.  So if you haven’t tried one yet, how about dipping your toe in the epool this week?

No, you don’t have to spend hundreds and learn yet another new device’s tricks.  You can read an ebook right on your laptop using something as simple as Adobe reader.  The books themselves vary in price from FREE up to who knows.  Many classics fall into the free category, and even more are $5 or less (including a romantic suspense named Whirlwind I’m pretty proud of!).

You can download software for free to read the more exotic formats – nook, kindle, and others all have free applications for laptops, smart phones, and just about anything with a screen.

So if you haven’t tried an ebook, why not give it a try?

[BTW: I find it exceptionally ironic that the day before Read an Ebook Week was National Day of Unplugging. hee hee hee!]

Raffle Tickets

Image by ydhsu via Flickr


Only one more week left to enter to win one of two paperback copies over on Goodreads.  Two more copies coming soon on Library Thing.

Meet an Author Monday

Whether your a reader or a writer, there’s a lot of great information and fun on the Hop. Check it out!

Meet an Author Monday

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Let the Giveaways Begin!

Can you believe it’s February already?  Valentine’s Day is a couple weeks away, but romance is already in the air.  Roses and candy fill the store shelves, and even here on the internet we’ve broken out the conversation hearts.

Speaking of which…there’s one special candy heart somewhere on my website. Find it, and you can enter to win enough romance to fill your bookshelf in the Lookin’ For Love Web Hunt.

Lookin' for Love contest

To participate in the web hunt, all you have to do is:

  • Visit each of the Omnific author’s websites listed below between February 1-14, 2011
  • Find the “hidden” candy hearts (one per author website with a different saying at each site)
  • Match the sayings on the candy hearts to the correct author using this form by February 14, 2011

When you correctly identify all of the candy heart sayings, your form will be entered into a random drawing for prizes. Grand prize is the entire eBook collection of Omnific Publishing’s titles then in publication! The runner up will win eBook editions of five Omnific Publishing titles of his or her choice. Ten additional winners will each win an eBook of A Valentine Anthology.

Robin DeJarnett
Jennifer DeLucy
Nicki Elson
Jennifer Lane

Jessica McQuinn

Carol Oates
Susan Kaye Quinn
Lisa Sanchez
Sandra Wright

For more information, see the CONTEST RULES

If you don’t want to wait, during its anniversary celebration, Omnific Publishing is offering a special:

More giveaways are coming, so get ready to add all kinds of romance to your (reading) life!

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Win an Autographed Copy of Whirlwind

Click here to enter to win an autographed copy of WhirlwindHere’s a chance to give yourself a present!  Enter to win an autographed copy of Whirlwind!

The giveaway runs from now until release day.  The winner will be notified by email at midnight, right before Whirlwind goes on sale.  The image to the left (isn’t the cover neat?) will take you to the goodreads.com site where you can enter to win.  If you don’t have an account at goodreads.com, you’ll be asked to create one in order to enter, but it’s free. Once the winner is picked, I’ll put your signed copy in the mail, along with a little book bling to dress it up.  It can’t get any easier!

While you’re there, enter to win a copy of 12.21.12 by Killian McRae.  We’re sharing a release day – you could get double lucky and win both books for free!

Also, my publisher, Omnific Publishing, has a holiday sale going on.  You can get a free eBook with the purchase of a paperback by entering the coupon code on their site.  Be sure and check it out!

Can you believe it’s only 14 days until release?!!

Meet an Author Monday

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Authors! Have a book out? Are you under contract for publication? Make sure you join in the hop. This is a great way to network your blog and let readers know who you are!


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Happy Cyber Monday!

A woman typing on a laptop

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Thanksgiving came and went…well, unless you’re still working on leftovers!  Did you venture out for Black Friday or are you online today, enjoying the now traditional Cyber Monday specials?  Me, I didn’t venture out until yesterday.  The sales before Thanksgiving were enough for me, and I didn’t want to get in the way of the ninja shoppers out this weekend.  Yes, I’m a shopping wimp!

It’s kind of ironic that we finish our look into eReaders with a mostly tongue-in-cheek look at hard-copy books today (the busiest internet shopping day of the year).  I’m not sure I can say that the traditional form of books, ink and paper, is still going strong, but it’s a long way from dead.  So why would you want to invest in one?  Here’s my take…and for the record, the last book I bought was a paperback, not an ebook.

Whirlwind available 12/21/10Which eReader hard copies do you have? How long have you owned it?

I’ve been reading print books for years, decades, actually.

What features do you like best?

Paperback books are my favorite – they’re small, portable, and durable.  I can share them with friends and their batteries never die.  I love to give books as gifts.

How do you load books on your eReader read hard copies? (wirelessly, connect to computer, other?)

One page at a time.  There’s nothing easier than opening a book.

What kinds of eBooks hard copies do you load on your eReader (formats – PDF, epub, other) have? Do you load them from sources other than the default bookstore? (e.g. amazon for Kindle or iBookstore for iPad)

I do have quite a few hard-cover books and magazines.  I pick up books from all kinds of places.  The market; the mall; the airport; and the library, just to name a few.

Where do you use your eReader hard copies? (in the car, outside, at work, at home, traveling)

All of the above. Books are tough, so they go everywhere.  A splash of coffee or being dropped on a busy commuter train doesn’t hurt them.  They may get a little damaged, but remain readable.


Image by masaaki miyara via Flickr

Does it have an annotation feature?  Do you make notes?

I generally only make notes in my non-fiction books, and dog-ear the pages. Otherwise, my notes are few and far between.

Can you read your eBooks hard copies anywhere else? (on your computer or your phone) Do you?

I love taking a paperback to the beach. The sand doesn’t hurt it, and sometimes the salty-sea smell lingers on the pages after I get back home.

Do you share your eReader hard copies with anyone?

I swap books with my friends occasionally.

What else do you do on your eReader with your hard copies? (browse the web, watch videos, read magazines, etc)

There’s no distractions reading a hard-copy book.  No beeping that you have email, no chat requests.  It truly is an escape for me.

How did you get your eReader hard copies? (buy in store, buy online, win it, receive it as a gift, other)

All of the above!

What accessories do you have for your eReader hard copies?

A book light is about the only accessory I use.  A book mark is nice, but any scrap of paper will do.

How many books do you have on your eReader?  How many hard copy books do you have?

I must have a couple hundred books, including several dozen ebooks.

Any other comments about your eReader hard copies?

My bookshelf is much more than a place to store information.  It’s part of my home, my life…something I look at everyday. It holds knick knacks, photos, games, and books.  My home would feel empty without it.

Meet an Author Monday

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion of various eReaders.  There’s something for everyone…and avid readers I’ve spoken to don’t limit themselves to one format. Whether you escape into a paperback, a Kindle, an iPad or some other for of eReader or media, it doesn’t matter.  In the end, it’s only the READING that matters!

Keep reading!


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