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Year End Joy to You

As the holiday season winds down, I want to wish you all the best for this and the coming year. May you be happy, healthy, and surrounded by love in 2012!

Before 2011 disappears completely, though, Omnific Publishing has one last gift to give. Through December 31, 2011, if you purchase one ebook from their online store, you can get a second 50% off. Just use check out code ebooks2011.

Happy Holidays and New Year!


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Instant Feedback

Not really.

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As a continuation of my kindle saga, I bring to you Amazon’s newest feature: @author. Billed as a way to connect readers and writers, it allows kindle readers to message the author from within the book. Neat, huh?

I know some authors see it as more work, and at first, I couldn’t see that it’s really that different from someone tweeting or emailing a question to me while reading. But after looking at Amazon’s description of this new tool, I can see how it could have its drawbacks, from my point of view:

Posting a question from the Kindle:
1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the passage you’d like to ask a question about using the 5-way controller, then press down to anchor it
2. Highlight the passage using the 5-way controller
3. Enter your question about the passage you highlighted, beginning with the phrase “@author”…
4. Select “save & share” from the options at the bottom of the note window when finished

So the reader can highlight an excerpt while reading and ask about it (and everyone will see it). Um, can you say “spoiler”?

My first reaction is to wonder who would use this. I have read books where I really wondered where the author was going, or if they’d ever get around to closing a loop they started early on – but I wouldn’t stop reading to ask them. If I really wanted to know, I’d just skip ahead. The answer should be in the book in my hands, right? All I have to do is read it.

If I do have a question for the author, there’s usually umpty-seven ways to reach them – if they want to be reached. But right in the middle of a book? I don’t know.

What do you think? This feature is still in the testing phase, and hasn’t really been touted by Amazon (yet?). Would you stop in the middle of a story to send the author a message about the story? Do you see another benefit to this feature as readers or writers that I’m missing? Or is this just a different version of twitter/facebook/forum?

Meet an Author Monday

Check out what other authors are chatting about today. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, there’s a lot of great stories out there!

Meet an Author Monday

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Kindle Goes to School

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

This probably won’t be a surprise to many, but I love my kindle. I still read “real” books, but I love the convenience and selection I get on my ereader. It’s so great that I even loaded my high-school-age daughter’s summer reading books on it – the classics, like Dante’s Inferno, were free!

What I didn’t take into account was that when school started, she’d need to take her summer reading books to school.

Now, I trust my daughter. I warned her not to drop her backpack with the kindle in it, and keep it under wraps – I didn’t want prying eyes and sticky fingers to get any ideas. “YES MOM!” was her answer. But my main concern was her teacher. What if he took it? (Okay, I’m a little paranoid, but as I said, I LOVE my kindle!)

You see, the high school has strict rules about many things. No drugs. No weapons. No suggestive clothing. AND…no electronics. I knew the intention of the rule was to keep kids from playing video games or listening to their iPods during class, but would the school be discriminating enough to know the difference between an MP3 player and an electronic book? Luckily, the answer was yes.

In fact, the instructor’s response was “I was wondering when these would start showing up.” Another student also had her kindle in class, and everything was fine.

Now I’m left with a different dilemma. I know a kindle (or nook) is in both my kids’ futures. They’re avid readers, and would definitely use them. I’d also like to think their rooms might be a little cleaner without the piles of books everywhere (yeah, right). It’s just a matter of time.

My question to you today is, how do you manage a child’s ereader? Do they have their own amazon/B&N account, or do you connect them to yours? I wish amazon had a way to lock individual books or collections with a password – then I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids picking up my kindle and reading one of the hot romance novels I have on it.

If you have a nook, I’d like to hear from you, too. The library lending feature is something I think would be great for kids.

And, just so you know, Christmas is only 108 days away.

Author! Author! Blog Bounce

Click here to check out the Blog Bounce

What’s the Author! Author! Blog Bounce?? Well, it’s a fun way for readers to find new authors and for authors to connect with their readers!

Authors, all you have to do is grab the icon, grab the link, make a blog post (don’t forget to include the link!), and enter your blog on our list. Easy peasy!

Readers…you have the easy job. Just follow the bounce and visit the authors. Leave a comment and let them know that you were there.


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Daily Double on the Whirlwind Blog Tour

I can’t believe this is the last day of the Whirlwind Blog Tour! We’re going out with a bang – with not one, but two tour stops and giveaways today:

Happily Ever After – Reads is giving away a print copy of Whirlwind along with posting my discussion of how hard it is to keep up with the changing times. Contemporary writers face a real challenge trying to keep up with what’s hot today, especially when it comes to technology. You can also read Kristin’s review of Whirlwind HERE.


Also, Cheeky Reads has reviewed Whirlwind and is giving away an electronic copy:

“What I enjoyed most about this book was the relationship between Melissa and her friends, as well as the one with Jason. I felt like Melissa’s inner monologue about her friendship with Mitch and her insecurities were nicely done and appreciated some well done, but not over the top, sexy scenes!”


Come back TOMORROW for the LIVE CHAT  at 8:00pm EDT (5:00pm PDT), moderated by our host, Missie of The Unread Reader. Sign up for a free account at TalkShoe and either call in or type in your questions. No matter which way you choose, you’ll be able to hear my answers through your speakers. We’re celebrating the end of the Whirlwind Blog Tour and partying.


Previous Blog Tour stops (Many giveaways are still open):

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Whirlwind Blog Tour Starts Today!

The Unread Reader

Missie has some great questions for me today

Today kicks off  two weeks of outtakes, excerpts, interviews, reviews and giveaways on the Whirlwind Blog Tour. Follow along with me and you could win a free copy of Whirlwind!

Our first stop is at our host site, The Unread Reader. Missie, the wonderful force behind this site recently discussed hero Jason McAlister on her “My Book Boyfriend” meme. Did you see the HOT pics she chose for Jason?

Today, she interviewed me about Whirlwind, and asked very interesting questions! Be sure and check it out, and while you’re there, enter to win an eBook edition of Whirlwind.


Mark Your Calendars for the Live Chat on June 18th

On Saturday, June 18th, we will celebrate the conclusion of the Whirlwind Blog Tour with a live chat hosted by our host, Missie of The Unread Reader. We’ll be chatting on a service called TalkShoe, and you can either call in or listen and type in your questions. I recommend creating a free TalkShoe account – that way I’ll be able to see your name, not just “Guest 8” :-). Also, you may need to disable your popup blocker for TalkShoe to work best.

Link to the chat here

I look forward to chatting with you on the 18th at 8:00pm EDT (5pm PDT)!

Meet an Author Monday

Check out what other authors are chatting about today. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, there’s a lot of great stories out there!

Meet an Author Monday

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