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Tis the Season

December is a crazy month for the DeJarnett household. Rather than regale you with my to do list (I’m sure you’ve got a lot of long ones yourself) how about a musical commiseration, courtesy of Straight No Chaser:

We were lucky enough to see this talented group in concert last night, and it was a really nice break. What do you do to take a little break during the hectic holiday season? Do you have a favorite song or carol that keeps you going?

Still time to enter

Kindle Fire: Out of the Box

Image by Brian Sawyer via Flickr

Don’t forget to enter to win a Kindle Fire! the Kindle will come loaded with a whole slew of great books, including Whirlwind. It’d make a great gift, assuming you don’t keep it for yourself!

Happy Holidays!

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On Deck for the Cure

You may have heard I’ve recently returned from an Alaskan Cruise. We saw whales, glaciers, and lots of trees, and ate…a LOT! There were all kinds of activities on the ship and excursions on land for our whole family. One activity surprised me, though.  On Deck for the Cure.

A 5k at Sea

Princess Cruises, along with their partner lines, has joined forces with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Every sailing, on every ship, a 5k walk is held. A donation is required to participate, and everyone gets a cool ball cap to wear:

Now, you might be asking, “5k on a boat?” It’s not hard, at least when the ship is this big:

8 times around the ship was all it took. And having porpoises and whales cheering us on was way cool!

Want another fun way to help find a cure? Check out the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies available from Omnific Publishing. Thirteen authors, two volumes, one awesome cause. Proceeds go to Save the Ta-tas.  Click the banner to find out more:



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A Very Special Dedication

pink ribbon

Image via Wikipedia

My friend and author, Lisa Sanchez, is celebrating the move to her author blog, and has invited me to guest post on her site today as part of her Sizzlin’ Summer Author Extravaganza. She and I are both contributors to the Summer Lovin’ Anthology:Heat Wave, and that got me thinking.

Contributing to the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies has been a lot of fun. But there’s a very serious side to the project, namely raising money to stamp out cancer. When I submitted my story, I thought about who I might dedicate the story to, and one person immediately came to mind. Someone I love, and whose strength continues to awe me.

To find out who, please head over to Lisa’s blog at

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RT Roundup – the Last Day and Loot!

Day 4 of RT meant only one thing for me: the Book Fair, which didn’t start until almost 11. That left us time in the morning to pack and get out of the hotel for a few minutes. We tracked down an Ihop a few blocks away and had a real breakfast for less than the $30 I know some people paid in the hotel.

Of course, being L.A., we didn’t have to walk a block before we caught a film crew:


I have no idea what they were filming, but they were using the beautiful L.A. Public Library as their setting. Gotta love California!

Packing meant I had to find places to stow all the loot I’d collected. I promised you a picture…and for reference, this is Killian’s queen-sized bed:


What are you looking at? How about 36 free books? If I’d paid full price, I would have spent $381.74 for them.  That almost makes up for the conference fee right there. In the bottom half of the picture you see all the goodies and promo pieces. Bookmarks, postcards, sample reads, pens, pencils…those were the standard fare. Can cozies seemed to be pretty popular, I took home 4 of those. Other items included paperclips, reflectors, a hot pad, candles, rubber duckies, a coin purse, playing cards, rulers, even a bicycle horn. My favorite (being a practical person) was the pen-sized lint brush from “Between the Sheets.” That went directly into my suitcase!

I did actually buy 3 books at RT.  The first, Howdunit Forensics by D. P. Lyle, I bought at the bookstore after attending his workshop. I did catch him later and got it autographed. The second, The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade, I bought at the Expo. It’s a YA that she’s gotten good feedback on by high school boys, so I’m hoping my son might like it. (Finding books for teenage boys is HARD). The third, Undertow by Cherry Adair, I bought at the Book Fair.  Cherry gave me lots of encouragement, and lit a fire under me to get this second book done!


The Book Fair itself was huge–something like 5 times bigger than the Expo. I don’t know how anyone could possibly see all the authors in just three hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly that long, and since I wanted Cassandra Clare’s autograph, most of my short time at the fair was in line for her.  I did see Cherry Adair, and picked up one other little souvenir, a squishy horse that reminded me of Buckeye that has found a home in my daughter’s room.

Do I wish I’d had a table at the Book Fair instead of the Expo? No. I’m pretty sure just about everyone who came to the Expo passed by my table. With something like 20 rows of authors at the Book Fair, I think most of the attendees headed straight for specific authors and didn’t browse too much. Maybe I’m wrong, though.

Overall, the Convention was an awesome experience. I learned a lot, met a TON of people, and was so blessed to spend the time with two ladies I love, Lisa Sanchez and Killian McRae. Never have I had such an easy time with roommates, and I look forward to our next trip.  Anytime, any place, ladies, just give me a buzz!

Upcoming Giveaway

Now that you’ve seen all the loot, how would you like to win some?  I’m putting together a contest for May that will involve a drawing from comments here on the blog. If you like romance and free books, keep your eyes open at the end of this month for instructions on how you can win your own basket of RT goodies!  And I’m sure a familiar title *cough*Whirlwind*cough* will be included.

Meet an Author Monday

Speaking of my good friend Lisa, be sure and check out Meet an Author Monday, hosted on her blog.  Just click on the photo below to check out what other authors are blogging about.  Are you an author? Join the hop with us and meet new readers!

Meet an Author Monday

Click here for the Author hop

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RT Day Three

…aka The Grind. After two days of convention, exhaustion was setting in. And yet we all managed to get up in time for the Kensington mixer…and free Mimosas. Thankfully they were weak, otherwise I think I would’ve just gone back to bed!

That would’ve sucked, too, because I would’ve missed Lisa’s raffle win. She won a basket – well, collander – full of books and baking goodies. Check it out on her site,

The first workshop of the day was Peeling Away the Layers of Romantic Suspense. The premise was to analyze the movie Body Heat but ended up being a great discussion of pacing and dialog in suspense novels. Cherry Adair is awesome, and I made a point of finding her at the Book Fair. But that’s not until Day 4…

The following workshop, Plotting and Setting Your Mystery, was a little dry, and spent a fair amount of time discussing pantsters versus plotters – something that wasn’t new for me. Yes, I took off early…but I didn’t want to be late for lunch with my publisher.

It was a treat to have lunch with Omnific owner, Elizabeth Harper, and Acquiring Editor, Lynette McCann. More than professional acquainances, Elizabeth and Lynette and I go back quite a ways, and I was fortunate to be able to renew our friendship at RT.

Also joining us was another Robin, an aspiring writer and online friend. I love meeting the people I’ve encountered online, and especially someone so nice who has such a great name! 🙂

After lunch, the plan was to drop off the books I had for sale at the Expo and catch another workshop, but things were a little disorganized. Instead, I waited in line a lot longer than I’d planned. Rather than crash the workshop halfway through, I went back to our room and freshened up before collecting the rest of the stuff for my table at the Expo. A half-hour before the Expo, the three of us headed back down, and got ready for the crowd.  Here’s my table at the Expo:


The Expo itself was FANTASTIC! It was a pleasure to be seated between authors Jess Dee and Genella DeGrey, and we traded goodies and laughs throughout the Expo.

And that was the point of the Expo, I feel: to connect with people. Readers, writers (both published and aspiring), publishers, booksellers, agents, promoters…all kinds of people stopped by. My sparkly ribbon bookmarks seemed to be pretty popular, and the avenue through which I introduced everyone to Whirlwind. The highlight of the Expo was when Erin Quinn bought a copy of my book – she’s a NY Times Bestselling Author! Thanks, Erin, for supporting a budding author!

After two hours of talking in a large, noisy room, Lisa, Killian and I decided to skip the Avon mixer (which I heard was great with margaritas), in favor of a quiet dinner of Chinese food. Orange Chicken never tasted so good – and it was nice to give our voices a rest!

The day ended with the Vampire Ball. Having never gone to an RT convention before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The entertainment was a skit that was sort of a parody of a variety show and was a little hard to follow. The best part was we shared a table with Mr. Romance contestant DeLonn, an actor and model who was also very funny and of course, smokin’ hawt! Wicked Little Pixie has a photo and bio of DeLonn HERE. DeLonn, you rock!

We did score even more books at the Vampire Ball, adding to our hoard. Tomorrow I’ll show you the loot…it’s a sight worth seeing!

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