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Happy Birthday Killian and Raquel!

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Today is a great day – it’s a birthday shared by two of my friends: Raquel C and Killian McRae. Both women are smart, funny, and a blast to spend time with. I’m exceptionally privileged to have such intelligent and caring women in my life…and extremely lucky that they allow me to hang around with them, both online and in real life!

Birthdays have traditionally been a mixed blessing – especially for women in the American culture. Age is something to hide…we’re all perpetually 29, right? And I’ll admit that knowing I’m probably closer to the end of my life than the beginning is a sobering thought. But is it really so bad to grow old?

I hope my friends will celebrate this day with happy smiles and lots of laughter.

Happy Birthday Raquel

Happy Birthday Raquel!

Today marks a milestone in their lives – another year has passed – but it’s also a milestone for me. In that year, I’ve come to love both these women like sisters. I’ve shared laughs about Raquel’s “pregnancy induced Tourette’s” and marveled at Killian’s historical insights into books like The Hunger Games. Killian’s eclectic playlist (Kanye followed by VeggieTales followed by the soundtrack to Chess), Raquel’s monstrous pink beanbag chairs (that are VISITING my house), walking the mall or campus, Indian food, Mexican food, and many, many wonderful hugs are just a few of the memories that these women have given me in the last year and I’ll always treasure.

Happy Birthday KillianIf you know either of these ladies, please send them some love today. Raquel is on facebook, and you can find Killian at on her blog or at welovekillian.blogspot.com. If you don’t know them, please give someone you do know and love an extra hug today, and thank them for being part of your life.

Happy Birthday my dear friends!



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My New Least Favorite Words: I need my glasses

Maybe I’m ignorant or just naïve, but the concept of aging gracefully is completely lost on me.  Yeah, I got the black Over the Hill balloon when I turned forty.  I started getting mammograms and paying more attention to saving for retirement.  I even spotted a gray hair or two on top of my head.  But I didn’t feel old.

Not until I went to the eye doctor last year.

“Let me guess, you’re forty-three,” he said with a smirk.  “You need reading glasses.”

I wanted to slap him.

Now, I have nothing against glasses.  They’re stylish and give the wearer an intellectual look.  Many of the people I love wear glasses on a daily basis.  But reading glasses?  My parents wear reading glasses and they’re old.  (Sorry, Mom and Dad)

All right, it’s not really the glasses.  It’s the fact I need them.  My eyesight’s always been good, and as a reader and writer, it’s my bread and butter.  But last year, I’d noticed reading was exhausting, even headache-inducing.  When the doctor showed me how much clearer things could be with reading glasses, I rejoiced – at first.

The problem is that now I know I can’t see as well, I seem to need the glasses all the time!  Not just for the microscopic printing on the bottom of the mascara bottle, but on simple things like ingredients listings and nutrition labels.  Sometimes I can cheat and hold tiny writing at arm’s length – but that’s even more embarrassing than the glasses!  What’s next?  Pearl glasses holders strung around my neck?

Every time I reach for or hunt down my reading glasses, I’m reminded I’m more than likely on the downhill side of my life.  I’d like to think I’m not vain, but knowing the end of this wild ride is closer than the beginning is sobering.  Can you see why I don’t really love my glasses?

I shouldn’t complain, I know, I should be happy I’ll be able to see my family and my work with the help of my glasses.  I should celebrate that I don’t have to wear them all the time.  Heck, they’re even kind of cute.

Fine, I’ll stop whining and go make dinner.  Course, to read the recipe…

I need my glasses!

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