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3D – Yes or No?

Paper glasses for viewing Anaglyphs.

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The debate over 3D movies has been raging for a while, and I’ll admit, I’m not really a fan. For me, the “wow factor” of 3D isn’t worth the extra money most of the time (for a family of 4, it’s like buying an extra movie ticket). Given the choice, we watch in old-fashioned 2D.

On the other hand, I’ll also admit I LOVED seeing the 3D IMAX movie from the space shuttle at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (do not miss it if you’re in the area), but I’m not in a hurry to go out and watch the Lion King in 3D. Or buy a 3D TV. My son has a pocket video game that has 3D you can turn on and off, and while it’s pretty cool, he plays mostly in 2D. Somehow, watching the news in 3D isn’t really a draw for me, either.

So, am I behind the times? Am I missing out on “the next big thing” or is 3D TV like Sony BETA? Better, cooler, neater, but not what the market wants?

What do you think? Is there any movie or show you’d love to see in 3D?

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