Candy Sushi & Giveaway

Welcome to the Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween blog hop! For the next few days (Oct. 28-31) we’ll be talking Halloween, spooky, and fun, and one lucky commenter here on my blog will win a free e-copy of my romantic suspense, Whirlwind! Come talk Halloween with me and you might win! Be sure and check out the other sites on the hop, too – everyone has a trick or treat! Click HERE or on the picture at the right to follow the hop.

Today, we’re talking about a very special treat for Halloween:

Candy Sushi

I know what you’re thinking: I HATE sushi! Raw fish? YUCK!

But wait – this isn’t your ordinary sushi from the sea, this is all made out of CANDY. And I guarantee you’ll come home with an empty plate, it’ll go so fast.

You can find detailed instructions HERE, but if you’ve ever made Rice Krispie Treats, this’ll be a snap.

Besides the makings for the Treats, you’ll need some kind of candy for the centers of the round sushi. Gummi worms (sweet or sour, your choice) work well, as does licorice (any color). You’ll also need green fruit rollups or Fruit by the Foot for the outside. For the single pieces, I like to use Swedish fish, but because my kids love raw salmon which is orange, I also do some with strips of orange fruit leather.

A couple of tips: Butter your hands like crazy when working with the warm marshmallow treats. If the hot sugar sticks to your hands, it’ll burn. You want to form the sushi before the marshmallow stiffens.

A sharp chef’s knife is the best for cutting the sushi into smaller pieces. And just like real sushi, the fancier it is, the better. Check out photos of real sushi and substitute candy look-alikes. Red hots can double for red salmon eggs, orange sugar for tobiko.

I’ve taken candy sushi to parties for several years now, and it’s always a HUGE hit. It’s also a great activity for the kids to help with, so have fun, and Happy Halloween!

What’s your favorite Halloween party treat to take or eat? Remember, every comment is a chance to win a free e-copy of Whirlwind!


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10 responses to “Candy Sushi & Giveaway

  1. Anne R

    We keep it pretty simple I love Halloween cut out cookies (the whole family does).
    Though I like the candy sushi, I may have to try that some day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Robin DeJarnett

    I’m lucky, Camryn, that my market carries the old, circular (no brand) fruit peel-and-eat snacks. One year I couldn’t find it, though, and I substituted grape. Not quite right, but, so dark it worked pretty well. The interesting thing is that my store stocks the plain old stuff in with the fruits and veggies, not in the snack aisle!

  3. I made Candy Sushi a couple of years ago at a housewarming party, and all of my friends loved it so much, I serve it everytime we get together. It really does look like sushi! 🙂

    It’s pretty hard, though, to find normal fruit roll-ups these days. I had to go to three different stores to find some that weren’t cut-outs and didn’t have weird shapes or faces on them. The plain old green and red isn’t as popular anymore. It needs to make a comeback.

  4. Robin DeJarnett

    Wow, your KFC’s have some great stuff! We don’t have anything like that here in California that I’ve seen. That sounds really decadent. And fun!

  5. My man likes to make his own Crush’em, which is a drink/dessert you can get at KFC in the UK. He fills a tall glass with vanilla ice cream, then chop white chocolate into real thin slices and adds those, then he pours milk over and mixes it all up. The white moustache he ends up with looks totally cute, too. What a fun post.

  6. Robin DeJarnett

    YUM! Do you serve it with a shovel? 8-D

  7. Brenda Demko

    I don’t know if it’s the same recipe or not. Mine is basically choc. pudding, oreos, and choc. whipped cream layered. And of course the gummies on top!

  8. Robin DeJarnett

    Dirt cake (that’s what my mom calls it) is a lot of fun! Gummy body parts – oooo I haven’t seen those! What a great idea!

  9. I like to make dirt with the gummy worms! Sometimes we use the gummy body parts instead for a truly spooky treat! Thanks for the giveaway!

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