Musical Mischief

A little musical humor for your Thursday (you may have seen this floating around the net):

Pachelbel is following me, too. When my daughter composed the music for the Whirlwind book trailer, she also turned to the Canon in D:

Go Pachelbel! Now I’m on the search for classical music related to baseball for Book 2…

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9 responses to “Musical Mischief

  1. Robin DeJarnett

    I swear I checked comments….what happened? It’s on now.

  2. Hey dork! Your comments are turned off on your 9/19 post. πŸ˜‰

    “the confidence, independence, and experience college gave me is priceless”

    Soooo true. College was incredible for me in many ways.

  3. Robin DeJarnett

    Thanks, Jen! Actually, all the transitions match notes – it just doesn’t come through so well when downloading from the internet and buffering. It’s pretty easy to do with MovieMaker.

  4. P. S. I really love the music for your trailer and how the text lined up with each note in the beginning. Well done!

  5. The poor cellist! Loved his comparison to a wounded gazelle, ha ha.

  6. Robin DeJarnett

    Thanks, everyone. I am so lucky to have a composer living under my roof. I’m hoping she’ll have time to work on a couple more pieces for me before she heads off to college in a couple years. She was excited to do it, and even more excited when I paid her. I’m afraid her rates may be going up for the next book.

    And for the record, she hasn’t read Whirlwind. She’s sworn that the day she moves out she’s buying a copy of the book.

  7. Cherie Colyer

    Great trailer! It’s so nice that you have a creative daughter to help you!

  8. I’m loving this Author Blog Bounce, it’s so much fun! I’m the technologically challenged one with the title of Author Blog Bounce instead of my name. Thanks for the musical humor, just what I needed before work today! πŸ™‚

  9. Well, at least Green Day isn’t real punk, so I think that genre’s safe from this Pachelbel fellow. It’s so amazingly awesome that your creative daughter collaborated with her creative mother on the Whirwind book trailer.

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