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Looking to the Future

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Even as I look to the future of my writing, and work on getting book 2 done, a much bigger event is taking center stage this week. My daughter is starting her college search.

Tonight she and I are hitting the first of a couple college fairs so she can start narrowing down where she’ll apply. Her list is long and varied, and involves campuses all around the country. Yup, my husband and I are quaking in our boots…out of state tuition is…holy smokes…

When I look at where I am now, compared to when I went to college, I have to laugh. I was all science and math back in the day – and was not into romance novels. Reading outside of school was rare, and if it happened, it usually had some kind of an engineering spin on it. Who knew I’d end up here?

What I tell my daughter, though, is that even though I don’t really use the technical side of my major anymore, the confidence, independence, and experience college gave me is priceless. I can’t wait to see how college will mold her. Like every mom, I have very high hopes, and judging by her enthusiasm toward school, I expect her to thrive.

If you attended college, what did you take away from your experience? Was it what you expected? What surprised you about the experience?

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