Photo Friday

Today’s shot makes me think of a motivational poster:

I titled this photo “Ahead of the Pack,” but there’s at least two ways to interpret that. Maybe I’m an optimist, but the first thing I thought of was that the fish on the right is a leader, heading fearlessly into open water, while all the others are following him. That’s the motivational poster idea.

But there’s the opposite meaning too. What if that single fish is running from the others? On days when writing just doesn’t seem to get on the calendar, that’s what I feel like. All the little things that life throws at me seem to follow me everywhere, keeping me from what I really should be doing – what I really want to do, namely, write.

What do you see? Remember, your comments count as entries in the Share the Wealth giveaway.

Hmmm…fish for dinner sounds good…


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2 responses to “Photo Friday

  1. Robin DeJarnett

    Thanks! Either my husband or I took that picture. We just got lucky – I have other shots that are just a jumble of fish and swirly green water.

    And most days I see the leader, once in a while I see the mob. 🙂

  2. Susan W.

    I love that picture. You can practically see the fish moving through the water. Did you take it yourself? My sister is an amateur photographer but I stink at it. I think I choose to believe that the one fish is saying “hey let’s go this way” rather than being chased. I love the colors too. Very calming.

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