How Do You Autograph a Kindle?

Borders Bookstore - SeaTac Airport

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As the publishing industry continues to evolve, authors, publishers, and even readers are running to keep up.  Small bookstores are struggling to stay in existence…but the threat isn’t the big chains any more, it’s the eBook.  Even big chains like Borders are contemplating bankruptcy in light of the eBook craze (yup, Borders is in big trouble).  I still maintain paper and print books are not going to disappear, but seeing a company as large as Borders unable to pay for the books it’s selling isn’t helping my case.

Barnes & Noble seems to be surviving okay, so there will be at least one bookstore still alive to go and browse, but if you don’t have a B&N near you, the already gigantic Amazon may be your only choice for hard copy books.  Or the library.  In some ways it’s like we’re taking big steps backwards…going back to the time when books were rare and chained in libraries.  I know, there won’t be chains, but can you imagine if the only place you can go to get a hard cover book is the library?

Now, I don’t think I’m a luddite – I realize that the information in books is more available now than it’s ever been.  I own and love my Kindle, and buy fewer and fewer hard copy books.  Various eReaders, now including the Kindle, even allow users to loan out their eBooks. But now I’m left with the question at the top of this post – how do you autograph a Kindle?

So much for my tongue-in-cheek post!

I do have a temporary solution that I’m trying.  I’m giving out book bling – a ribbon with some sparkly beads and a charm on it – that can be looped over a Kindle, Nook, or iPad cover and has a tag that can be signed.  But if you don’t have a cover for your eReader, I’m not sure what else to do.  By the way – being asked for an autograph, whether it’s for a book or a bookmark – is a total rush!  I just wish my handwriting was neater!

autograph book (1886)

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But the question remains…and I put it to you.  Are autographs a thing of the past, or will autographing something else suffice?  Will old-fashioned autograph books become popular once again (now that’d be ironic!) or will you, the reader, be satisfied with an electronic scrawl in an iPad app?  What would you like?

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5 responses to “How Do You Autograph a Kindle?

  1. The only thing scary about Three Daves is the 80’s fashion!

  2. Book bling–sounds like an interesting concept!

    Congratulations on winning the Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog for details. 🙂

  3. Robin DeJarnett

    Signing meatloaf…I don’t think I want to know! But I’ll find out – your book is on my to-read list this year. I’m scared…


  4. Ah, a very good question. So far I’ve found that it means people will first buy the e-version and then also buy the hard copy when they’re invited to a signing. And it’s perfectly find with me if that remains the trend. 😉

    I think your idea of autographing swag also works. Could sign postcards & whatnot too. O-o-o-r, one of my friend’s husbands read the Kindle version and told his wife he wanted me to sign his meatloaf (It’s a joke from the book, and yeah, it’s every bit as bad as it sounds) – so that’s another option. Hehe.

  5. Like movie stars, we’ll autograph posters. 🙂

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