Book Trailer is Here! And Another Excerpt

Without further ado:

A huge, HUGE thank you goes to my daughter, Megan, for composing and performing the music! Yes, I’m an extremely proud mom, but she is AMAZING!

Now about those blue eyes… Remember Mr. Sexy-From-The-Back? There’s a lot more to him than a finely-tailored tux.

Chase looked great, but he was only one of an entire herd of GQ-worthy, immaculate men—a stunning sight in their matching tuxedos. One of the guys I recognized as Mitch’s classmate, and a couple more were from the rodeo team, though I’d never seen them this clean before. The rest were anonymously good looking. They whispered to each other, playing with their ties or cuff links while they waited for their turn to show someone to their seat.

It was my first and only high school dance all over again.

Chase caught my eye and pointed to his neat bow tie before he questioned the guests in line ahead of me. I gave him a thumbs up, happy I could contribute something to Mitch’s big day. I stepped forward, expecting the I-got-stuck-with-her look from the next piece of eye candy.

A tall, lean stranger approached, stealing my breath.

He didn’t look directly at me at first, so he missed my Exorcist-like double take. I had two heartbeats to collect myself—and to shut my gaping mouth. The guy I’d seen with Chase earlier moved toward me so smoothly he seemed to skate across the carpet.

I recognized his movie-star hair immediately, the molten-chocolate waves just touching his collar, divided by a soft part just right of center. My previous assumption had been correct; he was exceedingly handsome. I drank in his flawless face, tracing his bold cheekbones and square, strong chin with my eyes, trying to find a suitable description for what I was witnessing. The word that came to mind wasn’t stunning or exquisite, though both were appropriate; it was familiar. This animated David reminded me of someone. Before I could put a name to his doppelganger, he turned to look at me, and all thought vanished. His eyes were the brightest blue I’d ever seen, and when our gaze met, time stopped.

Only eight more days until you can read the WHOLE story…and don’t forget to enter to win an autographed copy at

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11 responses to “Book Trailer is Here! And Another Excerpt

  1. Aimee

    Great trailer, and I *loved* the music. Megan is a talented girl! Like mother, like daughter. 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    I LOVE Glitter in the Air. Whenever it comes in the ipod I have to have an extra listen or 4. 🙂 (and a book 2? love that)

    What a talented girl you have.

    only 7 more days now?!?!?! WOOHOO!!

  3. Robin DeJarnett

    @yenafer – two GREAT songs. Megan plays 100 Years on the piano too, so I hear that one a lot. Your Guardian Angel is as close to a theme song as you can get for Whirlwind…TOTALLY Jason’s theme.

    Here’s an extra tid bit…A song I’m loving for book two is Glitter in the Air by Pink. Love that song. Hey, it’s past 12 EST – that means Whirlwind is only 7 days away now!!!

  4. Robin DeJarnett

    No, I’m a stubborn mother…I wouldn’t let her quit piano lessons a few years back! Maybe for the next book I can get her to play trumpet. I fully expect Megan (my daughter) to have a career writing music, performing music, teaching music…or all three!

    And yes, that’s our leading man, Jason. I have a feeling he’ll make another appearance in the next excerpt, if I can pin down what to post next. It’s so hard to choose! 😎

  5. Jennifer

    Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 100 Years by Five for Fighting

    I seriously cannot wait. I’m so happy that this is happening for you and hope that it is a huge success!!

  6. Robin DeJarnett

    Oh you tease! What songs remind you of Whirlwind? I’d love to know! 😎 And thanks! You’re one patient and loyal reader!

  7. Jennifer

    That trailer gave me goosebumps. The music WAS perfect. Whenever I hear two specific songs my first thought is always Wirlwind. I cannot wait for the complete story.

  8. Composed AND performed? You must be an excellent mother to have raised such an amazing child. The book trailer is awesome! And nice intro to our leading man…I’m assuming.

  9. Robin DeJarnett

    Thanks Jennifer! It’s going to be a long 8 days! 8-D

    @Lisa – Thanks, she really is amazing. The music really makes it sing, if you will! 😎

  10. LOVE the trailer, Robin! Squee–only about one week away from the release!

  11. Woohoo! The trailer rocks! Love it! And the music was perfect! That’s one talented kiddo you’ve got there 🙂

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