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Predicting the Future

Many a book and film has predicted the future with varying levels of success. 1984 is the first title that comes to my mind, but there’s many, many more. And with the popularity of apocalyptic and dystopian stories, I kind of hope they DON’T get it right!

Occasionally someone does get pretty close to the bull’s eye. This time, it was, of all people, the marketing department at AT&T. Maybe you saw these ads back in the 90’s?
(Thank you to Peter Kafka at All Things D for highlighting this blast from the past.)

Do you see yourself in any of those commercials? I know I was stunned by how accurate they were. Unfortunately for AT&T, the one thing that was really off was the “Who’s going to bring it to you?” line. Okay, maybe the A was a little right (Apple, Amazon…?).

Technology is changing so fast, it’s hard to predict what will be around next month, let alone the next decade (see my post on that here). We now have 3D movies, phones that do everything, and cars that just about drive themselves. I’d love for the guys at AT&T to put out a new commercial showing us how we’ll be living in the 2020’s. Just so long as it doesn’t look like this:

Cosplay 5th Element

Image by flexgraph via Flickr

Meet an Author Monday

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Meet an Author Monday

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