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Time is Running Out

Can you believe it’s September already? School’s started, the trees are starting to turn, and the days are getting shorter. Fall is right around the corner.

And that means that time is running out on the Summer Lovin’ Anthologies. Benefiting Save the Ta-tas (and who doesn’t love Ta-tas?), the Anthologies will only be available until September 30th, so whether you like sweet (Summer Breeze) or spicy (Heat Wave), get yours before time runs out. Available in print and electronically.

My contribution, Concessions, can be found in the Heat Wave edition. It is dedicated to my cousin, Susanna, and her fight against breast cancer. Here’s her story (originally posted on Lisa Sanchez, Romance Author; reposted with permission):

Help Stop a Killer

No, this isn’t America’s Most Wanted – this culprit isn’t a mysterious stranger. This killer is much worse, and goes by the name Cancer. And it has to be stopped.

This summer, I’ve joined Lisa in contributing to Omnific Publishing’s Summer Lovin’ Anthologies. The publisher and all the authors are donating the proceeds from these books to Save the Ta-tas, a charity raising money to fight cancer, but you can find out more about that below. What I’d like to do today is dedicate my contribution, a short story called Concessions, to my cousin, Susanna, a Cancer survivor.

She Saw It Coming

Cancer is no stranger, attacking both women and men I know and love in its many forms, but Susanna knew early on Cancer was tracking her. It’d already targeted her family. Cancer, specifically Breast Cancer, came after her aunt, who fought the disease and won. Cancer didn’t stop there, silently stalking Susanna’s mom. In 2004, Susanna’s mom lost her fight, and Cancer stole from us a woman with a heart of gold, whose life work was helping children as a school psychologist.

Knowing she was next on Cancer’s list, Susanna got regular checkups. She and her husband share a full and healthy life, but Cancer found her in her early thirties, a year after she gave birth to a beautiful baby. It was in the prime of life, as Susanna breastfed her baby, that the disease reared its head again.

A Happy Ending, With Your Help

Susanna battled Cancer, sacrificing her hair, her energy, and her body, but she won. Today, she’s cancer free, and following in her mother’s footsteps as a school psychologist. But she needs our help.

You see, Susanna has a daughter. She’s three.

We need to stop Cancer now, before it takes another mother or attacks another daughter or aunt or sister. Whether you decide to purchase one or both of the Anthologies, or would rather give directly to a specific organization, please take a minute and open your wallet. With your help, we can put Cancer away for good.

Thank you to Susanna and her husband for allowing me to tell a little of their story, and to Omnific Publishing for sponsoring this fundraiser. Be sure to check out the Concessions fan page HERE.

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