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Unintended Sex Ed

Many romance readers (and writers) are a little hesitant to admit that they read books that include hot sex scenes. Pulling out a book with a nearly naked man (Like Lori Foster’s yummy book) or a woman about to bust out of her bodice to read at the kid’s dentist office can be kind of…awkward. Especially when the child next to you – yours – starts reading over your shoulder.

Embarrassing or Public Service?

If you’re like me, you immediately slam the book shut and hide it away. Or pick up a magazine and use it to hide the cover of your romance reading. Luckily, my kids have learned to ask when they find a book on the couch – “Can I read this?” They still think sex is icky (and hopefully will until age 25). If they see skin on the cover, they pretty much know it’s not for them. But what about books that aren’t quite as clear (um, like mine?).

A great example is Wicked. A friend of mine heard how great the play was, and that she should take her kids to see it. To prep for the performance she bought the book and let her son read it. It looks innocuous enough, and the back cover blurb is pretty tame.

Let’s just say he didn’t get very far in before he was “grossed out” and gave it back to his mom. (The book is not appropriate for kids, in my opinion, but the play is, and I recommend it.)

So what do you think? Do you hide your romance books from your kids? From your friends? Or do you prefer your hot books have hot covers?

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