Prayers for a Hero

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Our soldiers face danger every day (Image via Wikipedia)

Derek McConnell comes from a family of patriots, and made plans early on to enlist in the army. He didn’t balk when he was told he was shipping out to Afghanistan, and he, like all the volunteers in the US military, made the sacrifice to leave his family and fight for his country.

Unfortunately, last week Derek stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and suffered life-altering injuries. While the specifics of Derek’s injuries aren’t public, I think “life-altering” says enough. Derek’s bravery will continue to be tested as he fights to recover.

Personally, I thank God for those who are strong enough to put their lives on the line for their country. I know I’m not. But I also take those brave soldiers for granted. I know several veterans who’ve served in Afghanistan and Iraq and who came home healthy and strong. It’s easy to forget how great the danger we’re asking these young men and women to face is. And yet, people like Derek continue to sign up to fight and protect me every day.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Derek–and his family–and all the servicemen in harm’s way. You can find out more about Derek’s new fight to get home and recover on a facebook page set up for him:

Thank you, Derek, for your patriotism and bravery. Get well soon!


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4 responses to “Prayers for a Hero

  1. Yes ma’am I have seen the site – it’s hard to not get emotional as I read her entries and the guestbook. The paragraph you referenced about her writing to the squad hit me hard. My husband was one of those she spoke of. The day he called to tell me of the incident he kept saying over & over ‘I didn’t keep my word . . . I broke my promise to his mom’. As soon as I read it I sent him a fb message telling him he had to go read it. 🙂 Thanks again for your post and thanks for adding us all to your prayers!

  2. Robin DeJarnett

    Thank you for the update. Have you seen Siobhan’s Caring Bridge site? She reaches out especially to Derek’s squad in her latest post (and loves them all). I’ll include your husband, the squad, and families in my prayers as well. For strength and safety, and for comfort and homecomings.

  3. Thank you Robin for this blog post! My husband is/was Derek’s squad leader and the entire platoon and unit (to include their spouses) was devastated when we got the news. Without saying too much, because it’s not my place to, I would like to let you know that he is scheduled to fly home to the states sometime today – his family has started their drive to MD and are hoping to reunite with him very soon! Thank you for bringing this to the attention of people who might have not known otherwise!

  4. Thank you for alerting me about Derek’s fight, Robin.

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