Where I Write

For this Meet an Author Monday blog hop, all us authors are talking about where we like to write, and including photos.  So, here goes!

I’m not a sit-at-a-desk-and-write kind of person. I use a laptop to write, and it goes everywhere.  My absolute favorite place to write, though is at my dining room table:

I have plenty of space to spread out, enough light, and the sound of the fountain outside the window. I don’t mean to tease all of you under snow right now, but I took this photo yesterday. (I love California!)

As I said, my laptop goes with me all over, so I spend time writing all kinds of places. My kids are both musicians, so I do a lot of writing while waiting for lessons to finish.  My car becomes my mobile office:

No, I DON’T WRITE WHEN I’M DRIVING – just when I’m parked in front of the music store! My car has a great sound system, so I can crank the tunes while I write.

I do have an office, though, and that’s where I do the bulk of my editing.  That’s the real work of writing for me, and I can’t have any distractions when trying to find that new, “right” word or sentence.  I am a pile-er, not a file-er by nature, so my desk is messy.  Rather than clean it (truth in advertising and all) I distorted things a little.  I’ve found that squinting at a mess makes it look pretty, and takes away a little of that “I really should be cleaning” guilt. 😀


What you can’t see to the left is my 30 slot paper shelf.  Some people collect shoes – I’m a paper and label fiend. Address labels, card stock, Astrobrites paper…I love them all.  Why hand-write something when you can print it on a sticker?

Thanks for visiting my little writing world!  Now I put the question to you: Where do YOU like to READ?

Meet an Author Monday

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11 responses to “Where I Write

  1. Love the big picture window near your dining room table. The view must be inspiring, especially the birds thumping the window (if you’re writing about murder and suspense and stupidity, ha).

  2. Robin DeJarnett

    Sally, you made me giggle! Reading while on a conference call…and here I thought everyone was playing Farmville on facebook! 😀

  3. Robin… you have mutiple writing places, as well. I knew I wasn’t alone! lol.

  4. Sally Hopkinson

    Where do I read: pretty much anywhere I can. Sitting in my recliner while I watch tv (I’m a great multi-tasker), at my desk while I’m on speaker phone listening to boring staff meetings, in the car waiting to meet friends, on planes, and in bed. There is really nowhere you can’t read.

  5. Robin DeJarnett

    Kelsey, your desk is lovely! I just need someone to clean mine every day. Where DOES all this paper come from?

  6. This is a great post. It seems we are both dining room girls. I actually snorted a little I laughed so loud at the blurred image. Genius, lol.

  7. Robin DeJarnett

    Okay Nicki, I confess, I was teasing you! 🙂 But the snow looks beautiful outside your screen porch!

  8. Wow! Love all the photos! I also write in several places, including the hallways and empty classrooms on campus. But, I focused on my little desk for today’s post.

  9. A pile-er, hahaha. And the squinting—brilliant! You are literally an on-the-go writer–love the car photo. And I think you were toootalllly teasing us snowbound writers, by the way. 😉 Thanks for sharing the pictures! Enjoy that gorgeous garden and beautiful Cali weather.

  10. Robin DeJarnett

    Hi Lisa!
    Ah, my fountain. We looked around a lot before we found that one. The water comes out of four, tall bamboo-shaped pillars, and reminds me of my family. All four of us are tall!

    The downside to the fountain is that while it’s fun to watch the birds that visit, they have a tendency to fly into the window – like EVERY DAY. They all get up and fly away afterward, but I hear that loud THUMP at least once a day! Poor birds!

    And I don’t read in bed much, either. I fall asleep too fast!

  11. Lisa Langdale

    Mostly I read on my couch. I read in bed… but not for long before my eyelids get heavy.

    Love the fountain!

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