Tips and Tricks to De-Stress December

The luggage of pilgrims.

My friend didn't have quite this many bags, but...

Can you believe November is over already?  My life is crazy right now…it’s quite appropriate that my book’s title is Whirlwind, considering how things are flying around me!  And with the holidays just getting started, I may have to change the name to Tornado!

There’s lots of blogs and lists that have great ideas for making life a little less stressful this time of year, but I thought I’d pass on a few tips over the next couple of weeks that I find most useful.  Things like cooking tips, easy gift ideas, and ways to keep the family, especially Mom, sane this time of year. So, to keep this short and simple, here’s my first tip:

Keep return address labels in your wallet or purse.

You know the ones you get as freebies to donate money or from your insurance agent?  They come in handy in the weirdest places, especially during the holiday season.  The place I would have wanted them was at the airport.  After dropping off my friend and her very large family, she started checking the luggage – and filling out those paper ID tags.  I know that even if I plan ahead, there always seems to be a bag or two that is missing an ID tag.  Yes, it’s a little trivial – filling out one tag isn’t that big a deal. But if you have three or four, those little address stickers make the process a LOT faster.

Going to a potluck?  Tag your serving spoon and dish with the sticker to guarantee you’ll get it back.  Find yourself sharing a bathroom with Aunt Bessie at Grandma’s house? Stick your name on your hairspray and toothpaste just in case.  Have more than one kid? No, don’t tag your favorite with a sticker…but if they’re like mine, they bring a boat-load of books and games when they travel.  Mark them quickly with a sticker before their SuperMario WhackAMole gets mixed up with Cousin Mikey’s.

Bonus tip: ALWAYS have a sharpie in your purse.

That’s the real way to mark your kids. 😉

What’s your favorite travel tip?  Comment and I’ll repost the best ones.


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2 responses to “Tips and Tricks to De-Stress December

  1. Robin DeJarnett

    You know all the tricks for traveling! 😎 Awesome!

  2. Steve DeJarnett

    Take an EMPTY water bottle with you when you fly. You can fill it from a drinking fountain on the far (airplane) side of security and now you’ve got water while you wait or on your flight without paying airport prices.

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