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Where’s Robin, part 2

No, I don’t have more info on Whirlwind’s release date, yet, but while we’re waiting, it’s time for another edition of Where’s Robin.

I think many people will recognize this scenic skyline. Do you? Post your guess. Have you been here?

Ten extra virtual points if you can guess where we were when we took this picture.


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Finally Ready to Hop!

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I’ve enjoyed Lisa’s Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop for a while, now, and am so happy to be able to join the fun!

As you can see by my previous blog entry, I literally just received “the call” (okay, “the email”). I’m still reeling from the news – after two years of focusing on writing, editing, researching, and querying, Whirlwind is going to be published! I’ll admit, I wasn’t really prepared for the emotional impact of reaching my goal. Overwhelming joy has kept me smiling for the last two days, but the reality of the work ahead is slowly settling in. Before it does, though, here’s a few thoughts on the journey to this point.

I think many people think that writing is a lonely profession, but they couldn’t be more wrong. All my friends, whether they are from the Home and School Club, church, neighbors, or are part of my critique circle, have always been there, urging me on. Not once have I gotten a raised eyebrow or a snicker in response to what was an embarrassing admission for me at first: “My book? It’s a romance novel.” On days when I’d had it up to here with editing, or received a one line rejection from someone I really thought I had a chance with, my friends were right there to listen to me rant and rave and cry, then would give me the strength to go right back to work.

And then there’s my family. My kids, my parents, and most especially my husband have been there every step of the way. When I want attend a conference or take a detour to do some research, they were all on board, and excited to help (and still are). My daughter’s one complaint? “When will I be old enough to read your book, Mom?” It’ll be a while, dear…

My husband even endured a driving trip this summer that I planned out, traveling to sites I wanted to write about in Illinois and Michigan, meeting two of my most trusted online friends, and requiring nearly a thousand miles of driving. He was right there with the camera, ready to get shots of things I’d like to write about, and even let me choose restaurants based on where my characters would eat. Have I mentioned he’s my personal Prince Charming?

With support like that, I realize now that failure just wasn’t an option!

I know you have a ton of questions, as do I, and as soon as I have the answers (namely, a release date), I’ll let you know. There will be many announcements coming, along with a lot of work, but for now the celebration continues!

So I invite you to look around, make yourself comfortable, and if you’d like, drop me a comment. Thank you for stopping by!


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The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: I’m in contract to have Whirlwind published!  Next week I should have a few more details to share with you, and will announce the expected release date as soon as I am able.  For now, I can hardly sit still, I’m so excited!

You may already know that I’ve been working on this project for quite a while.  After so long, and having been through the thrill of being asked for pages and the disappointment of receiving multiple rejections, I thought that receiving “the call” – or in this case, “the email” – wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  I was wrong.

I didn’t scream when I got the email – I was in the middle of a bustling restaurant at the time.  Okay, so I might have let out an overly enthusiastic “YES!” and pounded my fist on the table so hard that several heads turned in my direction…my son immediately asked if my hand was okay.  I did not jump up and start dancing, though (I was on the inside seat in the booth – that probably saved me from making a total fool of myself!).

The best part was that my husband, who’s been my rock and partner for over 19 years, was sitting across from me.  He’s been amazing, building me up when I was sure I’d never reach this point, and cheering me on as each positive milestone was reached.  He was the first to know, and the first to congratulate me.  I love him so much!

The next emails were to the two people to whom the book is dedicated.  Two women who’ve been behind me and there for me through all the ups and downs.  They, and my husband will be the first to receive signed copies (though I’ll sign as many as I can).

The full weight of the moment didn’t really arrive until I called my mother, though.  Speaking the words “I sold my first book,” I nearly broke down in tears.  I hesitate to compare it to announcing my first pregnancy, but honestly, the emotion was nearly the same.  I still get a little choked up thinking about it!

Just like a pregnancy, this is just the beginning.  To birth this literary child of mine, I will spend the next weeks editing, polishing, and working with the staff to develop the extra material that is included in the book, not the least of which is the cover.  “Birth day” will come when the book goes up for sale.  Excitement, fear, and extreme joy are all wrapped up in that date…and I can’t wait to share it with you!

For now, my face is stuck in ear-to-ear grin mode 😎  And now that I’m home, I am dancing…much to the embarrassment of my children! Let’s celebrate!


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Summer’s Over

With the start of marching band camp, summer officially ends today in the DeJarnett household. Even though school is still a couple weeks away, marching band consumes just as much (or more) time – and separates my kids (no more bickering8-). So, to commemorate the end of a busy summer, I thought we’d play a little “Where’s Robin?”

No, this isn’t a contest, it’s just for fun. I did a lot of traveling this summer, and thought I’d share some photos. Can you guess where I went?

Here’s the first picture – an easy one, I think. Have you been here? Post your guess!

Have you been here?

PS. I’m still working hard on Whirlwind. I hope to make some major announcements VERY SOON, so stay tuned!

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