Online Image: To Share or Not to Share

I read a great blog by Jessica Faust from Bookends, LLC today about online persona and social networking. I especially enjoyed the comment of one reader who tracked the agents and publishers she was querying on twitter, only to find they were busy doing everything BUT reading her manuscript! I’ll definitely be adding a quick twitter search to my agent research list.

The idea of separating my personal/informal online life from my professional/business online life isn’t new, but Jessica’s comments and those of her readers gave me more to think about when it comes to this website and blog. To that end, I’ve decided to turn on comments here. I’ve resisted, mostly because of the threat of spammers and other internet nastiness, but I love the idea of discussion, not just me telling you what I think. Honestly, it’s kind of selfish of me – your ideas and comments are probably much more interesting than mine – so I’m probably getting the better end of the deal!

As for the topic of social networking and how personal to post: it’s my intention to only post about things that I’m truly invested in. There has to be some personal tone, I think, but you won’t hear me talking or tweeting about my kids going on the potty. And I hope to give you more than ‘Buy my Book.’

And both my kids are potty trained. Our next hurdle? Driving.

Heaven help us!

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